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The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive monthly guide to enlightening information. Hosted by Ellis Jones, Editor-in-Chief of VICE Magazine, each episode brings in-depth interviews, sonically rich cultural insights, and offers a rare glimpse into how the magazine is made.
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Mar 15, 2017

Unlike last month’s episode that focused on the future of tech, our March issue is objectively themeless. However, in the process of creating this podcast… we found a few through lines. In many ways, this episode is about identity. From the frog on our cover, to a rapper dealing with his perception in our media landscape, to the refugee crisis in Greece, this episode deals with people striving to break the molds that have been forced upon them.

Here is our table of contents:

  • Photo-editor Elizabeth Renstrom explains how the cover of our March issue might make you do a double take.

  • Infographic virtuoso Haisam Hussein hits the jackpot with a set of facts about global lotteries.
  • Author, illustrator, and activist, Molly Crabapple reveals to senior editor Chris Carroll that Greece's anarchists might be taking better care of refugees than the government.
  • Our own Erika Allen interviews Noisey’s Kyle Kramer about his time in the studio interviewing rapper Vince Staples.
  • Finally, Chloe Campion, a producer at VICE, shares a story about an item she picked up while hiking in Nepal. Here’s your chance to take a guess at what it is.